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Claim Assistance

We make sure that our customers have every service at their disposal. If you need help issuing or registering a claim for your car or truck, contact us, and we’ll make sure that we assist you on the matter with profound insight. We understand that dealing with insurance companies and the filing process can be overwhelming; therefore, our experts will guide you through the entire process!

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Expert Collision Repair

Brooks Body Shop holds an I-CAR Gold Class certification that ensures we have the technical knowledge to repair your car to its pre-accident condition. We take pride in ourselves for not only making your car “look” like it never hit a brick but also in “function” so that if another accident occurs, it will protect the occupants as designed. In addition, we also have the latest equipment that enables us to perform the intricate repairs today’s vehicles require. Combine our knowledgeable staff, the latest equipment, over 30,000 square feet of repair facility, and the reputation to do it right the first time, and we get the necessary expertise to provide vehicle repairs in a budget-friendly and timely manner.

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Paint Shop

At Brooks Body Shop, we spray only PPG Envirobase paint, which we feel is the highest quality automotive paint available in the market right now. Moreover, we also have the latest paint booths available as well. Our new Italian built Termomeccanica full downdraft paint booths give us the environment that is crucial to spray and bake on your paint and yield a high-quality finish!

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